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Sex Abuse Victim Suing Pope

26 Sep

Let’s hope this sets a legal precedent (warning – potentially disturbing and NSFW material being discussed):

“We now know, unequivocally, that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, knew very well about these molestation cases three decades ago. We have the documents, they had been kept secret for years, they have his signature on them. And these documents are from desperate bishops in the United States; bishops from Milwaukee, bishops from Oakland, bishops from Springfield, asking Cardinal Ratzinger “Please – get this molesting priest off our hands.”

I’m asking you now: spread the word. Get this video out to as many places as you can. Don’t let this paedophile protector sweep this under the carpet.


The AntiPope? Moi?

22 Sep

I hope nobody reading this – either of you – is left with the mistaken impression that I resented everything about Ratzinger’s visit and the virtually blanket TV coverage of it.

Because nothing could be further from the truth.

I must confess to the odd little chuckle every time an announcer said, “And now, Moron the Pope’s visit…”

Papal Perks

21 Sep

Oh dear. It seems that as well as claiming that his publicity tour was a “State Visit” as a way of wriggling out of having to pay for the damn thing, Il Papa also had the £8 congestion charge waived for him. Well, it’s not what you know…

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Down with this sort of thing (careful now)

20 Sep

Well, here beginneth my first ever attempt at a blog.

As our perennially-popular pontiff wends his self-satisfied way back home, swapping the shores of a Third-World nation for a Third-Century city-state, the satellite channel More4 appears to be taking advantage of the sudden lull in the saturation coverage of Ratzinger and presenting a more acceptable face of the Roman Catholic Church – in the shape of the wonderful evergreen classic Father Ted; specifically the episode called “The Passion of St. Tibulus.” For anyone unfamiliar with that episode, the title refers to a controversial film which the (unseen) Pope has condemned as blasphemous; and so, when it arrives on Ted’s home turf of Craggy Island, it falls to him and his cohort to deal with it.

The image of Fathers Ted and Dougal protesting outside the cinema daring to show the banned film, placards warning passersby with the slogans I borrowed for this post’s title, represents a softer, gentler, rather bemused and befuddled type of parish priesthood that perhaps still exists in the world, if only in the public imagination.

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