Prophets without honour

29 Apr

Regarding my previous post about Harold Camping’s doomsday prophecy of May 21 2011 (“The Bible guarantees it!”), a deliciously ironic development has arisen.

Last Sunday, during The Atheist Experience’s Easter-themed “Zombie Apocalypse” show (available on their homepage for now; from their show archive as of next Monday), a caller who gave his name as Luca revealed that he had contacted Camping’s evangelical Family Radio Worldwide organisation to offer a donation of $10,000. However, there was a condition: if, on May 21, the world does not end, then on May 22 he will expect the money to be returned – plus 10% interest.

For some peculiar reason, they went off the idea at that point…


2 Responses to “Prophets without honour”

  1. zarathxstra April 29, 2011 at 13:21 #

    Work it out, though. Given only 22 days to go, the interest rate is 100*exp(16.59*ln(1.1)), which gives a whopping APR of 486%

    Even if you did think the world was going to end, you’d have to be mad to accept terms like that.

  2. keplersdream April 29, 2011 at 20:58 #

    Isn’t that sort of along the lines of the original Catch-22 concept? Mad enough to believe, or purport to believe, all the guff about the world ending, yet not mad enough to go for that deal? Besides which, I’m sure Camping would spin those figures into something unrecognisable; Luca would probably end up owing them money.

    A line from Red Dwarf springs to mind:

    “Look, I know it’s a stupid idea and there’s a high chance of you being a gibbering vegetable for the rest of your life… but if the rest of your life’s only 30 seconds, what the hell?”

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