Creationists are funny!

4 Apr

Yesterday popular BlogTV channel “The Magic Sandwich Show”, perhaps in an attempt to one-up The Atheist Experience last week, hosted the infamous YouTube creationist VenomFangX. The RationalWiki article at the end of that link will give readers unfamiliar with Shawn, as he is also known, a fairly detailed summary of his personality – such as it is – and qualifications. However I can boil it down to one revealing sentence: RW lists the page under the heading “List of internet kooks”.

Anyway, Magic Sandwich has begun uploading the show onto YouTube for those of us who missed the live version. As I write this, the first three parts are available and without wanting to give too much away, Shawn is as knowledgable and as intelligent as he ever wasn’t. Enjoy the show as my YT friend [2012 Edit: and now fellow WordPress blogger] Thunderf00t – upper left corner, named Xavier Lumens for reasons best known to himself – toys with Shawn as a cat does with a mouse.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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