Words of Comfort

25 Mar

Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice…

… pull down your pants and slide on the ice.

Sorry; just slipped out. Bonus points, though, if you can identify the source of that quote. Points deducted if you Googled it.

(Where was I? Oh, right…)

This Sunday, clear an hour in your diary, grab some popcorn and a brew of your choosing, and kick back to watch The Atheist Experience
– details on the end of the link. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did.

Ray Comfort’s coming to play.

Yes, the lesser Chuckle Brother will be pitting his infamous 50% wit against the combined forces of hosts Mighty Matt Dillahunty, former fundamentalist Christian who crossed the floor to become the theists’ nightmare, and the volatile firebrand Jeff Dee, ready and perfectly able to tear interesting new orifices at the merest mention of the word ‘hell’.

(Warning: your keyboard and monitor may be at risk should you consume beverages while Ray is talking.)

If only it was being broadcast in November; it would make a perfect alternative to fireworks.

Incidentally, I wonder if Ray will be calling the show on this:


One Response to “Words of Comfort”

  1. zarathxstra March 26, 2011 at 01:15 #

    Well spotted, S. I’ll try to catch that.

    I love Ray Comfort. Contrary to what other people may think, I’m convinced he is a clever con-man who is milking the fundies for all they’re worth. He’s TOO good, and that gives him away. All the rest make mistakes; he does not. He’s even convinced most atheists that the banana thing is genuine, even though it is clearly a satire.

    It should be a good show, nonetheless. I just know that Ray will have the atheist viewers in such a state of apoplectic rage that blood will be coming out of their noses.

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