Gott mit uns – redux

15 Jan

It’s all coming out now. According to Alistair Campbell’s diary revelations in the Grauniad, our erstwhile not-god-doing leader made a habit of doing god:

Wednesday 16 December [first day of bombing] TB was clearly having a bit of a wobble. He said he had been reading the Bible last night, as he often did when the really big decisions were on, and he had read something about John the Baptist and Herod which had caused him to rethink, albeit not change his mind.

[Campbell noteJohn the Baptist denounced the marriage of Herod Antipas, Herod ordered him to be imprisoned and later beheaded.]

These are really scary revelations. The most obvious is the phrase “reading the Bible … as he often did when the really big decisions were on”. This is a man with the power to take the country – against overwhelming opposition, not to mention common sense – into a full-scale invasion of a sovereign nation, costing the lives of thousands of Coalition soldiers and over a hundred thousand civilians. And he consulted the bible to make that decision?

This man has blood on his hands right up to his armpits. This man believed his god wanted him to launch another Holy Crusade. Why is he still at liberty?

Here’s a little experiment: swap the words “reading the bible” with “talking to the Great Pumpkin” in that diary entry and tell me your blood  didn’t suddenly run cold.

Then we have Blair’s “wobble”. After putting his own interpretation into a lesser-known biblical vignette and deciding it was about him – psychologists, please get in touch –  he paused but went ahead anyway. Of course he did – by now he was committed (or at least, he ought to be).

So he rationalised his wobble. This is typical fundy behaviour. Not for them the uncertainties of contradictory revelation (of which the bible is crammed) – no, for them it’s all true and can be explained away perfectly if only you tilt your head just right and read the words through half-closed eyes.

No wonder these people didn’t want to go on record as “doing god”. The amount of spin that would have taken would almost certainly have thrown the Earth out of orbit.


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