Don’t look at me like that – I’m not the one with the dirty pictures

30 Dec

Noted psychologist – and startlingly accurate Phil Plait lookalike – Professor Richard Wiseman is running a contest over on his blog to find the world’s rudest optical illusion, at least out of the ten he presents. Although I rather suspect he’s more interested in people’s responses to what are, essentially, completely innocent yet unfortunately (or deliberately) posed pictures.

In fact, I further suspect that simply by expressing my suspicions as I just did, Prof Wiseman now has greater insight into my psyche than I intended to reveal…

I think I’m getting a headache.

Anyway, please do go and play his little mind-game if you dare:

Though be aware that it may upset those stupid censorship filters your workplace are using against you…

If nothing else, you can admire a nicer-looking and more popular blog.


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