A Wee Drop O’ The Hard Stuff

5 Dec

Way back at the end of January, I was one of hundreds of demonstrators nationwide taking part in a mass ‘overdose’ of homeopathic sugar pills. Organised by the Merseyside Skeptics Society, the 10:23 campaign had two functions: first, to raise public awareness of the reality of this pseudoscientific snake-oil; and second, to deliver a protest letter to Alliance Boots (the famous and trusted high street chemist chain) about the company’s wilful disregard for the health and well-being of its customers by peddling this dangerous nonsense purely because “customers believe it works”.

I don’t think I need mention at this point that not only has homeopathy never been shown to work (except possibly as a dubious placebo), the ‘science’ behind it is so hilariously ridiculous it actually makes the ravings of Lafayette Ron Hubbard seem rational by comparison.

It may be almost a year after the event, but the campaign isn’t over. As a foretaste of further action planned for 2011, they’ve recently taken to the streets of Liverpool to gauge public response to the latest product from the 10:23 boffins. Made from all-natural ingredients to a centuries old German secret recipe, get ready for the cool, refreshing taste of…

…home-made homeopathic vodka!

Drink responsibly – that’s mighty powerful stuff!


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