At last – a new wave of politicians who really don’t do God

29 Sep

What a refreshing change!

Following – eventually – Nick Clegg’s revelation of his unbeliever status, newly crowned Labour leader Ed Millipede (sorry; Miliband) has himself stepped from the closet.

Coupled with Milligramme’s anti-Iraq invasion stance, could we be looking at a brand new era free of faith, magic and invisible friends? Well, maybe. Or maybe the recent Protest The Pope march has spawned a fashionable bandwagon of potential votes for the discerning party leader about town.

Whatever, it’s a whole world apart from Saint “I have always been more interested in religion than politics” Tony. I believe the phrase that springs to mind there is “no shit, Sherlock.”

Come on, America – if we can do it, surely you can do it bigger and better?


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